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South Park gang is an obnoxious and eccentric gang that has taken over the video slot by bringing up one of the most progressive and unconventional games to ever be released. The slot has 25 paylines, Sticky Wilds, and three mini-features and is seen to be a homage to the original animated TV series South Park. The TV series is an adult animated American show has aired for more than 15 years and developed by Brian Graden. It revolves around four boys and their adventure around Colorado. Just like the TV show, South Park slot features characters that are poorly drawn with an amount of humour that is both offensive and insightful. It is easily compatible with the iOS and Android mobile devices as well desktops and laptops operating on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

A closer look at the Slot

The video game slot is as unpredictable and exhilarating as the South Park TV series. It combines a regular slot game with missions that are animated, slot game bonuses and other mini-features which are inspired by a different character from the original series. The game has four different mini-games and three bonus features. It has a unique and simple visual style that captures the characters in a flawless manner, where they move and sound just as they should. Additionally, the opening of the slot is through an animation that briefly highlights what the player is in for.

Theme and Features

The game is crafted in an expert manner that seeks to bring to life the various characters from the TV series. It also adds more adventure and provides the player with an opportunity to win up to 1,250,000 coins.

South Park is full of special features that keep on randomly appearing on the screen. Some of the features include the Cartman mini-feature that features Cartman in a mode akin to the hat of beefcake. The feature is a three by three blocks of wild symbols that lead to multiple combinations of paylines and bigger wins. However, the feature only shows up on the second, third, and fourth reel.

Mr Hankey is another mini-feature that can appear anywhere on the reels with the symbol splattering from symbol to symbol. Other features include Rerrance and Phillip who are foul-mouthed and pop out of the reels in a rapid manner, coming with three symbols that can be used to substitute any symbols on the reels apart from the bonus symbol.

Bonus games

South Park, as earlier highlighted has four bonus games. The games feature Kenny, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle and each game is activated by collecting the symbol of the character on the 5th reel. It is, however, important to note that only one bonus game can be activated at a time, although the mini-features can show up at any time during the bonus games.

The Paytable

Most players would argue that the most disappointing aspect of the game is that the winnings of the slot are rather slow. Most slots will give a thousand times of a player’s bet if the player gets five of the best symbols on one of their pay lines. However, on South Park, a player could win 750 times their bet for getting five Cartman symbols in raw, which is arguably low. With eight symbols in total, four being the character as mentioned earlier, the lowest a player can win on the main characters is twenty-five times their bet, which shows that the player is breaking even if they have bet on all paylines.

Overall, the low winnings should not bother a player much since South Park is a slot that is mainly focused on bonuses, providing most winnings through them.

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