Slot Machines Review

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Short Summary

Name: Slot Machines
Developed: 1887
Software: Various
+Easy and quick to play
+Variety of games
-Can be addictive


Slot machines are available at almost all casinos around the globe, both online and land-based, mainly because they are quite popular. You are likely to see a few of these machines if you visit any land-based casino and get thousands of them in some of the biggest venues. Furthermore, you will get a huge collection of virtual slots at the majority of popular online casinos.

General Impression

There are different kinds of slot machines and they offer a sheer collection of games whether it is a large resort in Vegas or a small local casino. The well-known categories of slot include the 3 reel slot machines, 5 reel slot machines, and above 5 reel slot machines. These 3 categories cover the bulk of slots that you will get in most gaming venues, so you only need to know about them.
Traditional old-school machines feature 3 reels while the advanced ones use 5 reels. Other slots have more than 5 reels, like 7 reels – these have even bigger jackpots due to the extra reels.


Slot machines come in various designs including 3D slots, 2D slots, vector slots, and classic slots.


There are only a few of slot machines producers that provide almost all of the slot machines in the casino today. They include Ainsworth Slots, Bally Slots, Aristocrat Slots, WMS Slots, and IGT Slots. There are online versions of these machines which you can play through portable devices such as a tablet, a PC, or a smartphone.

Positive and Negative Impression

Slot machines are easy and quick to play. They also happen to offer a lot of games as well as big bonuses which you can enjoy.
One little con of these machines is that they often suck you into the action. You can get addicted.


Slot machines often offer different promotions such as land-based and online slots tournament, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots. You can also get free spins to spice up your day.

History of Slot Machines

There are 2 accounts of how slot machine developed. One states that the first machine was developed by an American called Charles Fey in 1887 and was named the Liberty Bell Machine. This device was simple and featured only 3 reels and 5 symbols: a spade, a diamond, a horseshoe, a heart, and a Liberty Bell.
The other theory states that Charles did not invent his machine until 1895 and that the original machine was developed by Pitt and Stittman in 1891. This slot was mainly based on poker and featured 50 cards. The cards were presented on 5 spinning drums which would show a 5-card poker hand per spin.
Charles’ and Pitts’ slots were similar in that they required you to pull a lever to spin the drums or reels – hence the name one-armed bandits. They also required coins.


Slot machines have changed over the decades from a simple 3 reels device to highly interactive machines great features such as 3D and great sound. Furthermore, there are different types of these games.

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