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The Psycho Slot is based on the 1960s Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho”, and it takes the player on a wild nighttime thrill that is full of suspense and horror. The background of the game sets the scene, where the player is taken through a night filled with random flashes of lightning, a car park full of fog and a house that looks like a sinister, looking down over five reels and twenty-five pay lines. The background of the psycho reels is taken straight from the famous death scene from the movie and created from the wet and dripping shower curtain. To sit the horror theme, the slot has A-10 symbols that are all either smashed or accompanied by owls or ravens.

Wins multiplied by the Psycho Slot Wilds

The Psycho slot game has the wild symbol written “Wild” on it, making it pretty hard to miss it. However, these are not the common symbols, rather, they are symbols that randomly appear and can appear with a multiplier of anything from multiplying 2, 4, 5, 10, or even twenty times when they are used on a winning pay line. As a result, they have the potential to significantly increase the winnings of a player in a game base alone.

NB: It is important to note that the multipliers are not certain or particularly frequent. However, the wilds are. This gives hope, a powerful motivator, for a player to keep spinning.

The slot has a fantastic animation, and at any one point of the game, it is easy to pull back the shower curtain and stab more wilds onto the reels-an action that can also be done by a slasher hand.


Psycho is a five reel slot with twenty-five pay lines and three rows. The reels spin on the iconic shower curtain while the dim lights of the Bates Motel flicker in the background. The high-value symbols include the two main protagonists, Norman Bates and Marion Crane, an envelope of cash, a keyhole, and a hotel door key. A, J, Q, K, and 10 constitute the lower values.

Bonus Features

The free spin s the only extra feature in the game, which is triggered by landing three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in view where the three scatters is equal to 10 free spins, where the Four scatters is equal to 15 free spins, where the five scatters is equal to twenty free spins.

A player can click anywhere to kick things off and provoke the start of the spins, during this period; any wins obtained that feature a wild might be multiplied up to forty times.

The spins often take place during the shower scene, and every so often, a figure might approach and hack the reels with a knife, adding the number of wilds to the reels which can then be re-evaluated for possible wins.
Psycho is a reasonable basic fame that is effectively designed to maximize on the theme. The RTP is reasonable ranked at 95.57%.

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