How to Play Craps: A Comprehensive Guide

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There are 2 types of craps. The first one is the casino craps which is found in different casinos. In this game, all players at the craps table bet against the casino or the house, which is why it is called casino craps. The other type is the Street craps, which involves players wagering against each other – it was a popular street game and hence the name.

General Impression

Craps is the only game in the casinos where you are in charge of want is happening with your own hand. You can literary snatch the dice, give it a kiss for good luck and then roll it.
There are different combinations in which you can bet in a single roll of the dice. There is the primary game, called the “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” line and there are other combinations that you can play – such as predicting where the dice will land.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while playing craps game:

  •  After you roll, a roll of 7 on the “Pass Line” is a losing roll. Never say number 7 at any craps table.
  • If  you missed the roll, you can form your own game by putting a wager on the Come Line. Similar rules will apply here and it’s only you who will be participating outside the Pass Line Game.
  • Ensure that the roll is pretty hard to hit the back wall when you roll the dice.


The objective is to ensure that your roll doesn’t Pass the Line to beat other players and the house. There are also other forms of bet that you can make when playing craps.


Craps is a chance game in which you will lose or win completely depending on the outcome of the roll. You don’t need special skills or make any decision to change the outcome of the dice – it is 100 percent luck. There are techniques or strategies to approach the game.


Craps game comes with its own unique promotions that you shouldn’t miss. This often varies from casino to casino and ranges from money to other prizes such a holiday trips and a car.

History of Craps

The most accepted version of the history of this game states that the game was a descendant of a traditional English game known as Hazard. This was a game developed by Sir William of Tyre as well as his knights during campaigns. It was used to pass the time as they waited to lay hostage on castled known as Hazarth in 1125AD.


Craps is quite lively when compared to other casino games, with gamblers screaming and yelling when they win. It is also unique in that gamblers roll the dice, so they are the ones who determine the outcome – win or lose. You have the power to determine your fate and beat the others.

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