How to Play Blackjack

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Blackjack is a type of card game that is played in casinos, but it can also be played at home. Players play against the dealer in this game. This game is complicated to learn how to play for those that are beginners in casino games.

The Scoring

With this game, the suits are only going to matter in specific hard to find versions. Almost in every for of the game, players will be able to ignore the suits. However, every player should know that there are only going to be four cards for every rank for the deck. Of course, for this game, players will notice that the scores are based on the ranks. With that in mind, players will find that the scores are Ace (this is worth 1 or 11 points in the game), the Face cards (these are worth 10 points in the game), and all of the other cards are worth their rank in points for this game. This means that the 5 is worth 5 points, and the Queen would be worth 10 points.

Playing Blackjack

For this game, players will find that the dealer is the one who is going to be dealing the cards, obviously, and they are also the ones who run all the action for the blackjack table. The dealer will only begin the game once all of the players have been able to put their bets down. Of course, players will notice that this game makes use of chips, rather than cash. Players will have to purchase their chips from the dealer beforehand.

The game will start when the dealer has dealt every player at the table 2 cards. For some of the casinos, players will be dealt these cards face up, and for other casinos the players will find that these cards are dealt face down. Players will notice that during this game, the dealer will give himself two cards as well, however, he will put one of his cards facing up and he will put the other one face down. Of course, the card that is facing up is what will help out the player in determining how they will be playing their hand.

Since the players will be starting off with 2 cards, they will see that the biggest amount that they could have is 21, and that will occur when a player is able to get a face card and an ace. As soon as all of the cards have been given out, the dealer when then look and see if he has gotten himself blackjack, and if not, the players will then be able to see how they are going to go about dealing with their cards. A player will have several options at this point.

The basic gameplay is easy to understand. First the players will set their bets down. Then the dealer will hand everyone cards. After that the dealer checks to see if they have gotten blackjack. If the dealer is lucky enough to have gotten it, then they will then collect the winnings from everyone at the table who has not also received blackjack. However, if the dealer is not able to get it, then all of the players who were able to get it at the table will be able to get paid 3 to 2. Of course, after this, players will decide what they want to do with their hands, including standing, surrendering, splitting, and doubling down. For players that are not so lucky (when a player gets a 22 or higher), then they will have lost their bet and they will be out of the game. As soon as all of the players at the table have done everything they can, the dealer will then play their hand. Finally, the bets will be settled.

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