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Craps, one of the many betting games, is a game in which players bet on the outcome of rolling a dice, or a pair of dice. Betting can also be made on a series of rolls. This game can also be played informally, In any setting, as it requires very little or almost no equipment or space.

Bank craps or casino craps

This game can consist of one or more than one players who put wages on the outcome of rolling a dice. If played properly in a casino, the employees and players stand or sit around an oval table reserved specially for the game. This game also consists of houses, and usually sitting at a game table is discouraged unless a person has medical reasons and cannot stand. When played in a casino, every casino has its rules and disciplines of the game that the players must follow.
A craps table does not look anything less than a maze. To the uninitiated, a craps table resembles a labyrinth. The game table is covered with felt outlined with various betting options. Couple of dealers and other staff handle the many number of supplementary bets being shouted. Loud and excited group of bettors are huddled around the table in anticipation of the next roll. The frenzy of the game and its pace, the loud shouts and laughter of gamers, and the back and forth passing of multicolored chips are the ingredients that make the experience of this game so intense.
The traditional elements that make up the game are now changing across the board as the game evolves and becomes more exciting. Players do not have to necessarily lose a bet after the roll of a dice. The entire gameplay can either be short rolls long or the sessions be extended by involving dozens or more rolls. And as is already understood, the table contains more than a hundred various betting options. Craps is comparatively a more complex game than the alternative casino games.
The table of the game offers a variety of wagers but only a few of them are of some real importance. Rest of them are longshots. Longshots are specially crafted by the casino to lure new players into backing poor odds. Though the game is very complex, but once you play it a number of times for many hours, the complexity of the game fades away. The complexity of the game is then replaced by the realization of the game’s top bets which can be counted on two hands.

Final Thoughts

As compared with the alternatives, some elegance is observed around the table during the game and in the game. This is because this game offers a little variety, and depending on the ongoing condition on the table, sometimes bad bets may be backed.
The variety that this game and its structure offers has become a magnet to longtime gamers. A gamer can either profit steadily by betting in Pass Line plus Odds, or be a naïve and chase longshots and other bad bets.

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