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Black jack has been a very famous game in several countries since ages. Regardless of its unidentified pedigree it has been adapted by several casinos and cafes. Apart from its conventional playing strategy, several writers have researched and improvised its strategy one after the other. It has at first been documented in a book written by a famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes between 1601 – 1602 and then the strategy to play had been revealed by other writers. This game then was introduced in USA with bonus points to withdraw their amount in real time to make it attractive for players. Although it was only a marketing stunt so had been adjourned afterwards.
Black jack was a predecessor of twenty-one, is a game played among several players (mostly 2-7). It is based on a strategy to compare the cards in-between and always being played against the dealer. The players cannot play against each other. The game is based on scientific and arithmetic equations and is played with one or more decks consisting of 52 cards each. It is also called ‘casino banking game’. The main climax of this game is to compete against the dealer by following rules: Earn more than 21 points on the player’s first three cards which is known as blackjack or natural;Keeping a grip on 21 points (means not reaching higher than 21 points) and try to reach higher points than the dealer;Don’t rush to throw the card until the dealer reaches up to 21.
In US and other countries, the traditional way of distributing cards is to deal two cards to each player. Out of two, one should be exposed and another should be hidden. Out of 10 cards those two dealt cards are their pip value. The card which is exposed will be worth 10 and the hidden one carries a value of 1 or 11. There is something called hand’s value which is the total of total card values. The hands can also be improved by drawing additional cards.
There is one thing common with all casino games – all of them incorporate a “house edge”. A house edge is a statistical benefit meant for the casino. It is built into the game. The player in the dealer’s position has some advantage over the other player. The advantage the dealer has in relative to the other player is that if the player busts, the player loses, regardless of whether the dealer busts afterwards or not. Nonetheless, blackjack gamers applying basic strategy will lose not more than one percent of their total money wagered, that is also due to sheer luck. This is also something that is considered favorable to the player in contrast to other casino games. Some players are ignorant and deviate from basic strategy which results in their loss in the game.

What is basic strategy in blackjack?

It is playing a hand of any sum value as compared to any dealer’s up-card. That hand has the least amount of chances of losing money to the house in long term.

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